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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect way to create long, flowing locks in a short space of time, but they can do so much more than simply add length – they can also increase volume in fine hair, enable you to experiment with a fringe or other hair trends and even add dashes of colour.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths was founded in Rome, Italy, in 1993 and has been the leader in c. As a brand, it has developed in over fifty countries to become the No.1 professional hair extensions supplier in the world. Creating ethical, superior quality hair extensions, enhancing everybody's own natural beauty and confidence.

Ethical Sourcing
All Great Lengths hair is sourced form Indian temples where the hair is voluntarily donated as part of a ritual process called tonsuring.

Cleansing & Purifying
Ensuring the cuticle seals in moisture and protects the hair from environmental damage, guaranteeing that the hair is matt and tangle free.

A dedicated team to master colourists who do every process by hand. From checking the osmosis baths, colouring, hand blending from 8 base shades to create the full colour range, to the brushing of hair, whilst ensuring the cuticle remains in the same direction throughout.

Colour Removal
Great Lengths’ de-pigmentation process sees colour molecules gently removed by osmosis. Traditional chemical acid-bath processes break down the colour molecule.

Colour Addition
Great Lengths de-pigmentation process then sees colour molecules gently replace those removed. Traditional colour methods redeposit colour over the top of the damaged colour molecules.

The hair is then hand blended to create over 90 unique shades.

Myth Busters around wearing extensions

Will Great Lengths extensions damage my natural hair in the long run?
Not at all, thanks to a specially patented keratin bond designed to mimic the structure of natural hair. The bond synchronises with your locks, expanding and contracting when your hair is wet or dry, cool or heated. This allows it to move more freely, which means less damage to your scalp. It gets better – clients who wear Great Lengths extensions over their three to five month lifespan generally report an improvement in their natural hair after removal.

Hair extensions are just for adding length...
The extensions of old, maybe. But Great Lengths isn’t about mermaid tresses. You can add volume to fine or thinning hair, or change the colour – the brand currently offers 80 different shades of extensions. In short, anything you can do to natural hair, you can do to Great Lengths.

Extensions are difficult to maintain...
Not if you follow the aftercare guidelines. A soft bristle brush is best suited to extensions, and Great Lengths offers these in a number of sizes. For thick, long hair, the brand recommends separating extensions into sections and brushing gradually to ensure minimal pulling on bonds or tapes. Avoid daily washing, and tie your hair back when sleeping or exercising to prevent tangles.

Will they look unnatural and be visible on the scalp?
Consultations are tailored to each client’s individual needs. During the consultation process, a stylist will assess your hair to suggest the perfect colour match, and advise on bonds and tapes. The result? No one will know you’re wearing extensions

Hair Extensions Consultation

To discover more about the potential of our Great Lengths hair extensions, get in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our Hair Extension Specialists at any of our Yorkshire Salons.






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