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Toners. What are they?

If you’re unsure what toners actually do, you aren’t alone. In 2017, a salon chain in London carried out a study that showed 86% of salon clients did not know what a toner was – despite the majority having a variety of colouring services before.

We have spoken with the Westrow team and collected toner facts to help you learn the jargon in time for your Christmas appointment!

So, what are toners?

Hair toners are a product that help you correct or personalise your colour. It is used to add natural or more visible tones after a professional colour treatment. As a result, it enhances the tonality of your hair. How? By creating a professional finished look. It is most commonly used for shades of blonde hair. But it can be beneficial for brunettes and redheads too. In order for toner to work, hair has to be bleached or dyed first. It is important to consult a professional before using bleach or toner. The process can be complex. So if done incorrectly, it can lead to undesirable results.

The Facts

are toners only for blondes?

No. Toners can also be used on brunettes and redheads who want to banish unwanted brassy tones. It’s also possible to use a toner if they want to personalise their hair colour by making it warmer, cooler or adding a colour.

The length of time your in-salon toner lasts will depend on your at home hair care routine. Your toner will last longer if you use a professional brand hair care, for instance. A colour conditioner like L’Oreal Professionnel CC Cream Conditioner does this and lasts one wash.

What do toners do for hair?

There are two types of tone. Firstly, toner used by your hairdresser in salon after hair has been bleached. Toners allow the hairdresser to personalise your colour. How? By making it warmer or cooler in tone, and correcting unwanted shades. It is also possible to add a bright pop of fashion colour, without actually lifting the shade. In addition, it enables the hairstylist to make sure you get an even hair colour result from root to tip. Firstly in salon. Secondly, you can find toner in some haircare products that will help you maintain your colour between treatments at the salon.

Toners are useful for when you want to add some natural shine to your hair. When combined to key ingredients such as Ionène G™ and Incell, it also offers softness and high protection for your hair fiber. It brightens up and adds luster to your hair without lightening it further. In other words, it spreads the colour from the roots to the tips. It can be used all over your hair or in certain areas where you want to change the shade.

It’s important not to wash your hair directly after in-salon toning, as the colour will start to fade.

How long does a toner last after your salon visit?

It depends on your hair type, but toners can last between 2-to-6 weeks. Hair that has been coloured before holds colour for less time than virgin hair. So it may need more regular toning. Natural or virgin hair can hold colour for up to six weeks.

To prevent your toner from fading between colour treatments, a professional haircare range like L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color AOx can help. Containing antioxidants and UV filters, this range helps to prevent fading. It gives you radiant-looking colour and makes hair feel silky soft.

What causes colour to fade?

There are many factors that can change blonde, grey, ombre or highlights to a brassy or yellow colour. These include:

●             Air pollution

●             Hard water

●             Sun exposure

●             Chlorine and other pool chemicals

●             The normal process of colour-treatment fading


How can you make your hair toner last?

There are a few ways you can make your toner last:

  • Use professional haircare

Using products like L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamin Colour Soft Colour Shampoo can help make your toner last.

  • Protect your hair from the sun

During summer, be careful of the effects of sun on your hair. You can protect your hair from sun exposure by: Using L’Oreal Professionnel Solar Sublime Spray to provide your hair with instant conditioning protection, Wearing a hat and limiting your time spent in direct sunlight.

  • Protect your hair when heat styling

Besides the sun, frequent use of heating tools can also contribute for your colour to fade.  Don’t forget to use a heat-protectant like Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil whenever you use heat. Formulated with a rich blend of precious oils, including argan oil and cranberry oil, it nourishes and and illuminates colour-treated hair. It also offers heat protection of up to 230°C/446°F.

All these methods can help make your hair stay toned for longer.