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7 Summer Myths Challenged

As of Thursday 21st June, Summer has arrived… and so have the myths! We have gathered information from the hair and beauty industry to find the truth behind 7 Summer Myths in perfect time for the start of the season!

7 Summer Myths:

“Perfume fades faster when it’s hot out”

Sweat production breaks down sweet, fruity fragrances on the skin quicker than other heavier scents when its hot and humid. This is because the molecules in sweeter notes are smaller than ones that are spicy or floral.

The Answer: Yes, some scents do fade faster in summer. It’s always best to switch to eau de parfum formulas or try a heavier fragrance. Alternatively you could try using a hair oil like Moroccanoil Treatment Oil*, to give off a holiday smell with every hair flick… whilst also nourishing your hair after a day in the sun!

“Hair grows faster in the summer”

A lot of changes happen to hair in the summer. It may get lighter or drier from the sun exposure and frizzier due to humidity so what about longer? Can your strands really tell the difference between the seasons and sprout like sunflowers?

The Answer: Unfortunately False. This myth has no scientific evidence to suggest it’s true… but we wish it was.

“You can’t go swimming with a spray tan”

Chlorine does have a lightening effect which can make a bottle tan fade more quickly. But if you’re careful you can swim whilst still maintaining your spray tan. Salt water also has the same effect but isn’t as harsh as pool water

The Answer: You can swim but use a good moisturiser frequently to help slow the fading process.

“Chlorine will turn blonde hair green”

Probably the most popular summer myth – the dreaded green tint where you think you’re going to end up like Te Fiti from Moana.

Green Hair | Moana - Te Fiti | Westrow Blog

With blonde hair been the most porous of all hair colours, it means pool water and all of its chemicals soak in like a sponge. The problem is due to high concentrations of copper compounds dissolved in the water that is then oxidised by chlorine, which then binds to the proteins in the hair strands, creating the green tint.

The Answer: True, many people that  have blonde hair and had prolonged exposure to chlorine in pools will produce a green tint. Thinking back to the sponge, try wetting your hair in the poolside showers so your hair cannot soak in as much chemicals or for an extra treat, slather on some leave-in conditioner.

“Getting a base tan helps protect you from burning”

Although darker skin has a natural SPF of 4 (maximum), it isn’t enough to protect you from burning. You will still need to apply a high SPF so in theory you are just exposing your skin to UV rays before you’re even at the beach!

The Answer: No, if you want to look tanned try a spray tan for when you first arrive and then continue to use sunscreen on top until your natural skin has a sun kissed glow!

“You can put any moisturiser on a sunburn”

When your skin is tight and sore all you want to do is slather something on to cool and hydrate it back to health. However you may be doing the opposite! Moisturisers can actually trap the heat to skin causing the burn to continue, making the healing process longer and the pain linger.

The Answer: No, the product you should be looking for is ANYTHING related to Aloe Vera! Whether is gels, lotions, infused in your after-sun or even straight from the leaf itself! The plant is known for been the “burn plant” as it aids the skin in healing, helps the itching and stinging associated with sunburns and even mild burns.

“Ocean water dries out your skin and hair”

If you were dehydrated would you drink water or would you sit in a bath? This is the same for been in salt water, it doesn’t necessarily dehydrate you like drinking it would.

Seawater actually has tons of minerals that have a number of benefits to your body, such as kill harmful bacterias, clear up skin by balancing natural oils, improving circulation and is apparently great for your lungs!

The Answer: Not exactly, long exposure to salt water can start to make your skin & hair dry but just going in the ocean isn’t going to dry them out right away. Try using the same technique as with chlorine – wetting your hair in the poolside showers so your hair cannot soak in as much salt water or for an extra treat, slather on some leave-in conditioner.

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